When you are looking for a place to store your RV, what considerations are most important to you? Do you get stressed-out about parking your RV in the space you have?

Do you worry about your RV being hit by your neighbour’s door when it is being stored at a storage facilli>ity? Are you concerned about being able to comfortably load up your RV to set off on a great journey? We are going to explore the difference between the size of storage spaces for recreational vehicles offered by RV Park & Go and those typically offered by others in the outdoor self-storage industry.

We will answer these 3 questions for you;

Why does the size of an outdoor self-storage parking space matter?

The right parking space for your RV is essential if you are going to fully enjoy all that owning a travel trailer, motorhome, 5th wheel, or other type of recreational vehicle brings to you and your family. Who wants the added worry of not being able to comfortably park in their outdoor self-storage space when they return from a great journey? Nobody does! We are all looking to reduce stressful situations in our lives whenever we can. RV Park & Go can help with that.

You want to be able to open the door to your motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, or other type of recreational vehicle so that you can carry out essential departure activities, stow your gear, load-up your groceries and other supplies, as well as completing a check of your RV to make sure that all is well before leaving on a great journey without having to pull it out of its parking space to do those things.

If you are new to the RV lifestyle, you want to be able to build your confidence with a storage space that allows for easy maneuvering in a storage facility and you want to choose a company that offers you a great parking space for your new recreational vehicle.

Recreational vehicles parked at RV Park & Go

What size outdoor self-storage parking spaces does RV Park & Go offer?

The design of our outdoor RV self-storage facility was completed by RV owners with fellow RV owners and their needs in mind. RV Park & Go specializes in providing RV owners with outdoor self-storage spaces for their recreational vehicles that can be easily accessed by our customers 24/7/365 with excellent security in place for worry free storage in a safe, clean, and secure facility.

As soon as you come through the entry gate of our facility, you will see that there is plenty of space in the laneways to comfortably maneuver your recreational vehicle and there is plenty of space between the stored units. When you get to your designated storage space, you will be happy to see that your space is 13.5 feet wide and there is sufficient room between you and your neighbour to allow you to comfortably park your RV.

Why did we make that choice? We know the importance of completing a circle check before you head out on a trip. We know that the ability to walk around your rig to do a pre-departure check is a key part of completing the necessary preparations when leaving on a great journey.

The space we provide you with will give you that extra room you need. You will be able to easily maneuver your RV at the facility. Every time you drop off your RV in your designated parking space you know which space you will park in and how much space there will be between you and your neighbour.

Why are most outdoor self-storage parking spaces for RVs only 10 feet wide?

There are a lot of choices available to you when selecting the type and size of a recreational vehicle that is right for you and your family. Whether you choose a motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, or watercraft, the length of the unit you select can vary greatly. But the width of your RV will vary much less.

The width of your recreational vehicle is likely to be somewhere between eight to ten feet.  

Why are most recreational vehicles between 8 and 10 feet wide? Because manufacturers build them so that your recreational vehicle can fit into standard driving lanes which are 12 feet wide. So, you are all set for driving down the road, but it could be a bit of a tight squeeze when it comes to parking your RV.

A lot of companies that typically provide indoor self-storage have decided to maximize the space they have at their facility. These companies have made some room for outdoor spaces for vehicles such as travel trailers, motorhomes, and other types of vehicles in their ordinary self-storage facility.

The position of these spaces is usually around the fence line of the property and are most commonly only 10 feet wide. Compare that to the width of the spaces offered by RV Park & Go. Those extra 3.5 feet in width offered by RV Park & Go will make a big difference when you return from a journey and have to unload and park your RV.

Why you should choose RV Park & Go for your RV storage needs

We get it! We provide an outdoor self-storage facility that is dedicated to the storage of recreational vehicles. We took great care in designing a facility that delivers to you a storage space that meets your needs and provides you with peace of mind when parking your motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, watercraft & trailer, or other type of recreational vehicle.

A customer of RV Park & Go has a storage space for their recreational vehicle that is the right length and is 13.5 feet wide. A space that is much more generously sized for their storage needs than the 10 feet of width typically provided by other companies that store recreational vehicles.

Contact RV Park & Go, where great journeys begin. We have the right size space for you!