Do you want to eliminate surprises? You should complete a few lists before taking that great journey in your motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, watercraft & trailer, or other type of recreational vehicle. Some lists are made to ensure that you avoid operating surprises while you are travelling and others to ensure that you have everything you need and want for the great journey you are about to embark upon.

An internet search on “RV Trip Lists” will return many sites that have some fantastic resources you can take advantage of. In this article we are going to explore 4 lists that will help begin a great journey.

Somewhere new or tried and true?

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, an element of having a great journey is choosing your perfect destination and planning the route. A great resource to discover a destination can be found at https://www.destinationontario.com/en-ca/things-to-do/outdoor-adventures/rv-touring/rving-ontario-beginners .

Choosing a destination in Ontario is a wonderful way to support local businesses. Now more than ever, you can help local businesses recover from the last two years lockdowns that were a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, the Ontario government is offering a staycation tax benefit. To learn if your trip qualifies for this tax savings visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-staycation-tax-credit .

Do you want to venture further a field while staying in Canada? You can find some great destinations if you have a look at https://rvlife.com/camping-destinations-in-canada .

It doesn’t matter where you choose to go. As a customer of RV Park & Go, you can leave on your journey with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your dedicated storage space will be ready and waiting for you when you return.

Oh, what fun will we have?

You have selected a fabulous destination. Let us now explore what you what fun things we can do along the way and once you arrive at your destination. Once again, there are many helpful sites to choose from when looking for activities, restaurants, scenic vistas, arts and cultural exhibits. Take a look at what is offered at https://www.camping-canada.com/rv_selection_guide_e.asp . This site provides tips, reviews, forums and links to many other handy sites. You guessed it. You should make a list of activities to help sort through the choices that are available to you.

Don’t forget that the journey can be just as much fun as the destination. Plan to take advantage of the many attractions that can give you and your family an opportunity to burn off some energy while exploring the beautiful countryside.

Is everything working?

A key part of the RV life style is taking care of your recreational vehicle. This is especially true at the beginning and end of each season, going through a checklist of activities is very important. It is also important to do a check before you depart on a great journey to reduce the chance of your trip being unexpectedly interrupted.

It is a good idea to have a list of predeparture checks. There are many online sources that can give you a checklist of things to do. Here’s the areas you will want to cover;

  1. Tires – look for signs of wear and damage, inflate to the proper level

  2. Batteries – ensure they have a full charge

  3. Fluids – check engine, generator, windshield washer, and change and/or top up as needed

  4. Water – flush the water system and refill it with potable water

  5. Seams and seals – are all as they should be? No leaks.

  6. Safety devices – check all the detectors are operational and the fire extinguisher is ready for use

  7. Appliances – ensure that all are working as expected

If something needs attention, we are here for you. As a customer of RV Park & Go you will be able to leverage our experience with all types of recreational vehicles and vast network of contacts in the industry.

Don’t forget your toolbox. Just in case the unexpected happens. You should carry your RV toolbox with you. You guessed it. You can find a list of handy items with an online search.

Did someone say shopping?

It’s time to pack up your groceries and other necessities. You will need several lists or perhaps one long list to cover off the clothing, toiletries, food & drink, entertainment and other personal items that are required for your trip. Luckily, there are a lot of sites that can provide you with a great framework for those lists.

One of those sites is https://www.campanda.com/magazine/rv-checklists-printable/ Take a look at that site and get a head start on preparing for a great journey. You cannot enjoy fishing in the river if you forget your fishing rod. What’s a campfire without some marshmallows and hot dogs to roast?

At the end of each journey, to deter unwelcomed visitors, you likely clear out left-over food stuffs and take personal items, toiletries and other things that you took on the last trip back into your home.

RV Park & Go is conveniently located near to a gas station that has comfortable maneuvering for recreational vehicles, a major grocery store, pharmacy and LCBO are located just across the road.

Did you forget to get something? No problem. Whether you need to pick up one item or complete your entire grocery list, you can do that just across the road from your storage space.

We also allow authorized services to visit the facility to deliver water, complete some services and to make deliveries.

Why you should choose RV Park & Go?

We get it! We are RV owners looking after the needs of RV owners. We have been in the business of helping families have great journeys since the 1940s.

Our facility is dedicated to the storage of recreational vehicles and is conveniently located close to many amenities. The team at RV Park & Go are happy to share our extensive knowledge of the recreational vehicle industry with our customer community.