There are few things that can bring a smile to your face as quickly as the joy of cruising across the open water in your boat or on your jet-ski when the sun is shining on a beautiful summer day. Something to consider as the boating season comes closer is the storage of your pleasure craft when you are not out on the water enjoying it and having fun. Also, planning now for the off-season storage you will need can save you from being disappointed when the season starts to wind down. If you are looking to have a clean, safe, and secure storage solution for your watercraft then look no further than RV Park & Go’s facility located in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

In this post we will highlight the benefits of being our customer for the outdoor self-storage of your watercraft. Those benefits are;

The freedom to explore many different launch points

The sun on your face and the wind in your hair; everything is right with the world! When you choose to store your watercraft at RV Park & Go, you gain a big advantage for the boating season. You can select a new and different launch site each time you go out on an adventure. Whether you are looking for a perfect fishing spot, a place to water-ski, or to jet-ski, you will not be tied to a single marina and will be free to get into the water wherever you decide to launch on that day.

Boating on the Lake

Fun fact, a little Googling will give you a tidbit of information on the number of boats in our province; there are as many boats in Ontario as there are in the rest of Canada. Is that true? It sure does seem that way when you are looking for somewhere to store your boat.

The popularity of boating in Canada and in Ontario in particular, is likely why there are so many options for boaters when it comes to choosing their storage provider for the boating season, and in the off season too. Also, it is likely the reason why there are so many places to choose from when deciding which of the waterways of Ontario you will explore.

As a customer of RV Park & Go, you do not have to look too far for a convenient launch point to begin a great journey on one of Ontario’s many picturesque waterways. There is a fabulous conservation area less that 20 kms away from our facility. Hamilton’s 50 Point conservation area has a lot to offer the owners of all types of recreational vehicles, including the owners of boats and jet-skis. If you are looking to venture further afield, you can find many great opportunities listed for a pleasure boat holiday at the provincial government’s Top Ten Boating Places in Ontario webpage.

Is there anything more liberating than cruising across the open water in your boat or on your jet-ski? With RV Park & Go, our customers have the ability to access their watercraft 24/7/365, and the freedom to choose from a vast array of options at launch time.

Convenient access to your watercraft

Our facility is located enroute to two of the Great Lakes; Ontario and Erie. Both fantastic destinations for boating adventures. Located just off the Red Hill Valley Parkway when driving from the QEW Niagara or off the Lincoln Alexander Parkway when travelling on the westbound 403 highway, you will find that RV Park & Go is readily accessible for a smooth get away with your boat or jet-ski.

When selecting the location of our facility, we kept in mind the needs of our customer community. We are located close to a major grocery store, a pharmacy, and a gas station that has ample room to maneuver a boat & trailer. It is also a great place to gas up before hitting your launch site. There is no need for you to pay marina prices for gas and supplies.

The owners of many different types of recreational vehicles including boats and other pleasure craft in Toronto, Hamilton, Flamborough, Burlington, St. Catharines, Grimsby, and the Niagara area rely on RV Park & Go to provide top quality storage solutions. We can be found at 54 Upper Centennial Parkway in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

The benefits of being a member of a fabulous customer community

When you are enjoying your boat on the water, do you wave at the other boaters that you meet? When you are travelling down the road, towing your pleasure craft, do you feel a sense of fellowship with the other jet-skiers you see when you drive past them? That same feeling of fellowship exists among RV Park & Go’s community of customers. There is a wonderful feeling of camaraderie that you will experience as a member of RV Park & Go’s customer community.

On a regular basis, our operations team complete walk-throughs of the facility. If we notice that the cover has blown off your boat, we will let you know. But that’s not all. We receive calls and messages from customers from time to time, telling us about their observations when they are attending to their own recreational vehicles that are stored at RV Park & Go. We have had communications from customers to tell us of numerous types of issues such as; hearing a neighbour’s alarm going off, seeing that an exterior compartment door has been left open, or noticing that a roof vent is not closed. When we learn of these issues, we immediately alert the appropriate parties so that the matter can be quickly addressed.

Why you should choose RV Park & Go

We get it! We provide a top quality outdoor self-storage facility that is dedicated to the storage of all types of recreational vehicles, including boats and jet-skis. As a customer of RV Park & Go you are free to choose when you depart on a great adventure and where you will launch your boat or jet-ski.

Conveniently located in close proximity to highway access and many amenities, the parking space we provide you with will be 13.5 feet wide and you will be able to hook up your trailer with ease, departing the facility with your recreational vehicle; heading off to enjoy some great fun in the sun.

The right storage option for your watercraft awaits you at RV Park & Go, where great journeys begin.